New Breakthroughs in
Longevity Medicine
By Devin Mikles M. D.

“Youth Juice”

The Vitamin of the Future…
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Breakthrough drink provides
astonishing new relief for:
  • Unsightly body fat
  • Vanishing sex drive
  • Weak muscles
  • Poor Sleep
  • Low energy and stamina
  • Sagging skin
  • Loss of mental sharpness
  • And more!

Welcome to the future
of “old age…”

  • Where your body becomes leaner, stronger, and healthier with every passing year…
  • Where your energy, stamina, and sexual vitality skyrocket as you age!
  • Where LIVING TO 100 in GREAT SHAPE with a SHARP MIND is a way of life!
  • This is no longer a futuristic dream, but the way your life can be NOW if you know the SECRET!

Dear Friend

Dr. Mikles

Think getting older means you’re destined for “old age?” Think again!

Scientists have discovered a way to unlock a youth-boosting powerhouse hidden in your own body! This stunning discovery has already helped tens of thousands of people fight off nearly every miserable sign of aging!

Creeping weight gain. Sagging muscles. Low energy. Poor sleep. Foggy mind. Vanishing sex drive. All SOLVED thanks to one simple discovery…

Unlock the extreme youth-restoring power
in your own AMINO ACIDS!

Once used secretly by elite athletes and body builders to get stronger and leaner, mounting evidence shows that supplementing with natural amino acids may be a “miracle worker in the fight to stay young”!

When you understand the role of aminos in your body, it makes perfect sense…

Amino acids aren’t really acids the way you may think; they’re actually natural chemicals that make up a whopping 75% of your body. Their most important role is that aminos are the building blocks of all-important protein.

Protein is what produces the enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones that drive the health and daily repair of your heart, brain, liver, kidneys, sex organs, muscle, bones, hair, and connective tissues!

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Your youthfulness— and life itself
—depends on your levels of aminos!

Amino acids aren’t just about protein, they’re the essence of life itself. Without aminos, you would age at warp speed—you basically could not function.

Fortunately, your amino acids do not simply vanish from your system. But they do decrease with age, illness, and during times of stress. And with fewer of these critical “building blocks,” your body reacts with signs of aging like weight gain, loss of muscle and bone density, declining energy and mental function, ower sex drive, increased wrinkles— even graying hair can be a result of plummeting aminos!

The missing link in the quest to stay young!

Just like a heavy rain revives drought-stricken crops, researchers have discovered that supplementing with certain amino acids can have that same rejuvenating effect on your body! Here’s what happens when you take aminos:

  • You experience increased restorative REM sleep. And REM sleep sparks production of your natural Human Growth Hormone— the ultimate YOUTH HORMONE responsible for energy, stamina, weight control, sex drive, an overall vitality.
  • Their protein building effect helps melt away body fat, create lean muscle, build strong bones, and even improve your skin tone and hair— without extra dieting or exercise.
  • Amino acids sharpen brain neurotransmitters which noticeably improves your mood, mental clarity, focus, and memory!

Could amino acids be the
“modern day fountain of youth”?

Many experts now say YES! And based on emerging science and amazing real life results, they may just be right. As a physician who’s helped people fight everything from everyday ailments to chronic illness, I‘m more convinced than ever that amino acids could be the missing link in the fight to stay young.

That’s why I’ve written this important special report to show you exactly how YOU can harness the power of amino acids. In fact, I’ll reveal what I believe is the SINGLE GREATEST ANTIAGING BREAKTHROUGH I’ve seen in nearly 30 years of practicing medicine. Thousands of folks have already changed their lives because of it…

Learn the secret and let it work for you, too!

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Age-Blasting Amino Breakthrough
Now Available to YOU!

I’m 62 years old and I plan to LIVE TO 100 in GREAT HEALTH and in GREAT SHAPE. You can, too! That’s the thing about amino acids, they give you the awesome power to decide how you age… you can choose muscle over flab, boundless energy over napping… have sex at 90 and LOVE it!

The key is which aminos to take and how to take them. This is where one stunning breakthrough has changed everything…

Meet Devin Mikles, MD, MD(H), FACP

For nearly 30 years Dr. Mikles has helped people overcome health problems using both conventional and alternative medical treatments. He is a medical doctor and homeopathic physician. Dr. Mikles is strongly committed to the development of integrative healthcare delivery systems and is a renowned expert in multiple systems of healing.

  • Board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Member of the American Medical Association and the Arizona Medical Society
  • Member of the American Medical
  • Fellow of the American College of Physicians
  • Member of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate organization Physicians for Social Responsibility.
  • Dr. Mikles’ integrative medicine practice has a strong focus on prevention, health risk assessment and management, nutritional and functional medicine, chronic disease management, interdisciplinary patient treatment programs, and humanism in medicine.
  • He has extensively studied Chinese Medicine, Eastern and Western botanical medicine, skeletal manipulation, homeopathy, and multiple mind-body medicine techniques.
  • Dr. Mikles is the founder and President of the Choices Foundation for Health Education and Research
  • He is currently the CEO and Medical Director of Choices Integrative Healthcare of Sedona, LLC in Arizona, and sees patients on a regular basis.
  • As a consultant to the Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL), Dr. Mikles says, “I have been impressed with the integrity and commitment to produce and market the highest quality of food supplements on the cutting edge of whole food nutritional science. IVL’s level of devotion to the finding of solutions that work is unparalleled in the industry.”

Body-builder secret “turns back the clock”
for the rest of us!

There’s one extraordinary amino acid blend that’s been specifically developed for regular people who want to stay young (no body-building needed!). The results have been nothing short of remarkable…

Called Bio-Renew™, this cutting-edge amino formula helps restore your body to a younger, stronger, healthier state. You’ll see body fat replaced by lean, strong muscle, your mind will become sharper, your mood elevated… even your hair color and skin tone will start to look younger.

These aren’t rare or unusual effects, tens of thousands of people have already reported results just like these!

Fights aging from every possible angle…

Fights aging from every possible angleBio-Renew’s extreme rejuvenating begins with an exclusive blend of age-erasing amino acids called Amino-8X™. As you’ll learn in the pages ahead, each of these special aminos provides excellent health benefits on their own, but it’s their combined effect that makes the results skyrocket!

But there’s even more to it… Given today’s increasingly toxic world, Bio-Renew also provides highly protective “longevity nutrients” you simply can’t go without… especially when you’re over 40.

That’s why Bio-Renew also includes:

  • Resveratrol—the red wine phenomenon proven to protect your heart and activate your “longevity” gene!
  • Grape Seed Extract—this natural wonder floods your body with protective antioxidants more powerful than vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene!
  • Vitamin D³—one of today’s greatest natural anti-aging medicines, but 75% of Americans don’t get enough!

This rare combination in Bio-Renew not only makes you FEEL YOUNGER AND STRONGER NOW, it helps protect your body against the ravages of aging DOWN THE ROAD. And it couldn’t be easier…

Try Bio-Renew Risk Free!


No Pills. No shots. No exhausting exercise.

“Growing younger” is now
as easy as drinking a glass
of water!

Bio-Renew is not yet another handful of pills; it’s not some risky “hormone injection”; and you
don’t need to endure any exhausting exercise to make it work.

In fact, it’s as simple as drinking a glass of water! You see, Bio-Renew is a highly concentrated
amino acid powder (in easy-to-use packets) that you simply mix in water to create a refreshing
orange effervescent drink. Just drink one a day and you’re on your way to feeling younger and
stronger than you have in decades!

Feel it working in MINUTES!

Not only is it easier for a lot of folks to use a drink instead of taking yet more pills, Bio-Renew’s effervescent liquid form is the best way to take amino acids. That’s because it gets into your system faster, more naturally, and more directly.

And don’t be surprised when you feel it working within minutes. Many people say they get a wonderful tingly sensation—that’s the amino acids getting into your bloodstream and starting to work. But this is just the beginning! Soon after, an extraordinary chain of events starts to take place…

In days, weeks, and months your results will continue to build and increase!

First, your energy will become noticeably stronger and steadier. You’ll see flab start to whittle away, while muscle you forgot existed starts to take shape—many people notice it especially in their abdomen, hips, chest, and arms.

Your mind will become clearer and more focused. Your libido will suddenly wake up. And throughout all of this, you will sleep like a baby, and wake refreshed and revitalized. These are the telltale signs that your body is soaking up the amino acids!

Bio-Renew SECRET #1

Sleep Better: Grow Younger!

Sleep Better: Grow Younger!Believe it or not, the first secret to restoring youthfulness starts with sleep—but not any ordinary kind of sleep. The aminos in Bio-Renew promote the deepest, most restorative form of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Why is REM sleep so special? Because it not only helps your body repair itself during sleep; it’s one of only two ways your body produces hGH. And hGH is one of the driving forces behind youthfulness!

The Most Important Hormone Change
Nobody Knows About…

graphWhether you’re a man or a woman, once you hit age 30 you enter a little-known phase called “somatopause”. It includes a series of hormonal changes, most notably a drop in your levels of hGH.

While it begins at 30, the effects are most obvious after the age of 40 when hGH levels start to plummet. You’ll notice that you start to lose lean muscle, gain weight, hold on to more excess fat, and see a sharp decrease in energy. In fact, the “pot-belly” that magically appears in so many of us during our 0’s is a big fat sign that hGH is declining.

A growing body of experts considers diminishing levels of hGH a driving force in the aging process. Thankfully with breakthroughs like Bio-Renew, you can now safely and easily stimulate your body to secrete its own hGH.

You see, while all hormones are important, hGH is the master hormone of youth itself. It’s well documented that: Maintaining high levels of hGH increases energy and endurance, increases muscle tone and strength while decreasing body fat, fights off osteoporosis, revitalizes your immune system, strengthens your heart, and improves sexual potency.

It’s no surprise that a few years back hGH became the “injection of choice” for celebrities and athletes searching for the fountain of youth. But before you even consider it, look at the facts…

hGH injections not worth the risk!

Even if you overlook the high price tag and the fact that hGH injections must be done under a doctor’s supervision, the risks are startling:

  • Swelling in the arms and legs
  • Carpal tunnel and arthritis-like symptoms
  • Headaches and general muscle pain
  • Disruption of blood glucose levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal growth of the bones and internal organs
  • Hardening of the arteries
What’s even crazier in my opinion is that you simply don’t need injections to get the antiaging benefits of hGH! It’s much safer and easier to naturally stimulate your body to secrete its own hGH. And that’s one of the secrets behind Bio Renew.


Bio-Renew™ is Not a Hormone…
It’s a Natural Substance that
Energy, Restore Youthfulness,
and Take Years Off!

With every sip you take, Bio-Renew replenishes your amino acids. Remember, taking amino acids induces deep REM sleep which automatically sends fresh, new hGH coursing through your system!

That’s why so many people who take Bio-Renew report sleeping better on top of other benefits like more stamina, increased muscle tone, and a boost in sex drive.

Just look at these notes from Bio-Renew users…

A Younger, Firmer Face!

Some studies have shown that hGH helps you retain thickness of muscle and fat in your face (your face is the one place you want fat to stay!)—it’s key to smooth out wrinkles and make skin firmer.

“Since taking your product
I now have lots of energy and also
noticed when I do yard work I no
longer get pain in my arms and legs. I sleep better and my gray hair is turning darker, age spots on forehead are almost gone, less
wrinkles on neck and skin on back of
hands is thicker, and smoother!” —F.M., PA.

Dr. Devin Mikles, M.D.“Bio-Renew does not make you sleepy; it increases the quality of your ZZZZZs with deep, restorative REM sleep.” —Devin Mikles, M.D.

“Within a week I noticed a difference in my sleeping. I could sleep soundly
and deeply all night long and wake up refreshed. I also noticed my husband slept much better and he didn’t snore as badly — we both sleep much better.” —L.S., Owen, WI
“My high blood pressure has gone down to a normal rate and my doctor now tells me that my heart is as healthy as it’s been in a long time. I started lifting weights again… I sleep much better and wake up with more energy. My hair on the top of my head is growing back. I recommend this product all the time to family and friends. Thank you… for turning my health and fitness around.” —L.P., NM
“After using [Bio-Renew] the changes in my body were amazing. The most startling change was my clarity of mind. I am 54 and my memory is not what it used to be. [It] altered my ‘mind fog’…. I completed my tasks quickly and thoroughly. Conversations were a breeze. No more forgetting my train of thought or searching for the right word.” —C.F., GA
“Since my husband and I have been taking [BioRenew] we feel so much better. We sleep better and even notice our graying hair is gradually getting back to its normal color! I especially have so much more energy and vitality. My friends cannot believe I look so young for my age! I forgot to mention that I also lost several pounds.” —M.W., CA

Testimonials are based on the experience of product users. Individual results may vary. Actual likenesses were not used.


Bio RenewThe next big secret of Bio-Renew

As I mentioned, REM sleep is one of two ways your body keeps producing hGH. The other way is through intense physical exercise.

Before you think, here we go again… they want me to start pumping iron or exercising like a nut… it’s just the opposite! Bio-Renew imitates the hGH-like benefits of intense physical exercise …

Bio-Renew SECRET #2

Get the Muscle-Building,
Stamina-Restoring Effects
of Intense Exercise —
Without Moving a Muscle!

It’s remarkable and hard to believe, but it works! Just like exercise helps build muscle, trim fat, and increase stamina, so do amino acids! The secret is the link between aminos and protein.

Don't make this protein mistake!Remember, amino acids are the raw materials of protein—and protein strengthens and repairs your heart, muscles, bones, hair, and all of your connective tissues.

Most people think of protein as a type of food —a big steak or piece of fish. Sure these foods are sources of protein, but the proteins that make up the human body are not obtained directly from your diet!

Rather, dietary protein is broken down into amino acids, which your body then uses to supply its need for protein.

So, it’s the amino acids, not the dietary proteins that are the essential nutrients!

Plus, eating too much protein is just not healthy—it can be high in fat and make your liver work overtime in order to break it down, and your kidneys to clear.

Better than any old protein in turning fat to muscle!

Pure amino acids are used by your body faster and more directly than proteins from food which take a notoriously long time to digest. The protein must first be broken down into amino acids in the intestinal tract, and then absorbed by your body before any benefit can even occur.

But when you take the highly concentrated Amino-8X blend in Bio-Renew, you get protein benefits your body can use immediately!

Leaner. Trimmer. Happier.
“After using [Bio-Renew] for just 10 days or so I noticed I was sleeping better and my stamina was seriously increased… I noticed an additional smooth and tightness to my face. I am in my 56th year; people mistake me for being in my late 30’s! But one of the most obvious effects of this product was how streamlined my waist and chest became. My muscles were more defined and stronger.” — Lonnie E., MO
“I am 54 yrs. old and I had reached a place where it was difficult to keep down my body fat. Since I started using [Bio-Renew] have seen a noticeable difference in the amount of muscle in my shoulders and chest. It also seems to be easier to maintain my weight. I have not changed my lifestyle. I still don’t exercise or really watch what I eat, yet I have noticed a real change in my body!” —M.A., TX
“My face seems more vibrant and tight. Muscles firmer and body fat decreased making me look leaner and slimmer. It’s like having 2 lives from one and a chance to be young again!” —Elizabeth R., NJ
“My sleep has been extremely good… my energy and endurance have improved during the day! Also, my weight has stabilized and I have less desire to overeat.”—K.S., AZ

Testimonials are based on the experience of product users. Individual results may vary. Actual likenesses were not used.
Bio-Renew SECRET #3


For sharper thinking, focus, and memory!

As if its body-restoring benefits weren’t enough, Bio-Renew also affects your brain in amazing ways! You see, amino acids also create the majority of neurotransmitters which are vital brain chemicals that send messages back and forth between cells.

Like spark plugs, your neurotransmitters activate the muscle fibers and ignite vital functions. You need them for mental energy, mood, memory, focus, nervous system function… even digestion and sleep both depend on well-firing neurotransmitters.

But just like hGH levels decline with age, so does neurotransmitter activity. Here again, Bio-Renew’s potent Amino-8X blend comes to the rescue by sharpening and boosting neurotransmitters. That’s why people taking BioRenew often report sharper thinking, better mood, and more focus.

Just look at what these folks have to say…

“When I take [Bio-Renew] I feel more energized, more mentally alert and I sleep better!” —T.L., Cerritos, CA
“[Bio-Renew] has given me a new feeling of youth. I feel many years younger…my vitality, hair, nails and general well-being is much better. The best part is my mood, mind, and memory have all improved. I’m nearly through my second 6-month order and I’ll be ordering more. Thanks!”
—Fred M., VA
Transformed my life!
“… My memory is sharper, I sleep better and I have more energy that lasts throughout the day. It’s completely transformed my life.” —K. G., TN
Better energy, mood, muscles, and libido!
“…Within 2 weeks I noticed significant positive effects on my energy level, mood, skin tone, muscle strength and stamina, as well as intimacy with my wife which really seemed to perk up.” —R.W., TN

Testimonials are based on the experience of product users. Individual results may vary. Actual likenesses were not used.

Is your body starving
for amino acids?

Your body can't store amino acids so it will break down its own protein sources, including
healthy muscle and organ tissues, to feed its need for amino acids! Yet another reason
you must constantly provide amino acids to your body to keep it strong,
young, and lean!




Amino Acids are NOT Created Equal....
How to Unleash the Power
in Your Own Body!

You have 22 different amino acids in your body that build a
whopping 55,000 different
proteins. And there are two basic categories of aminos: essential and nonessential. You must have both.

Essential amino acids can’t be made in your body, so you get them by eating foods; whereas non-essential amino acids
are manufactured within your body. The fact that they are called non-essential does
not mean they aren’t important —just the opposite!

It simply means your body already produces them. But when levels decrease from aging, illness, and during times of stress, these non-essential aminos become “conditionally essential”. This is when supplementation becomes absolutely critical.

Combined aminos provide
MAXIMUM benefits

Sometimes people take single amino acids to deal with specific health issues. Like GABA for anxiety or L-Glutamine to build muscle. While it may be useful in

Are your vitamins and minerals really working?

FACT: Even if you take
loads of vitamins and
minerals and they are
absorbed by your body,
they cannot be effective
unless you have plentiful levels of amino acids available to make them work!

method. Taking an excessive amount of any single amino can throw off the amino balance and interfere with other aminos doing their job.

Your body relies on multiple amino acids to survive, thrive, and repair. So it makes sense to refuel with multiple aminos.

The Great 8 Aminos…

That’s why Bio-Renew gives you Amino-8X—an exclusive blend that combines what I believe are the eight most
important aminos to restore a youthful, stronger, and healthier body all over—your brain included! You get:

  • Amino #1: L-Glutamine The most abundant amino acid found in muscles, L-Glutamine is outstanding for
    building and maintaining lean muscle tissue. It’s even been shown to prevent muscle wasting that can come from prolonged bed rest. Most fascinating is its ability to decrease sugar cravings
    and the desire for alcohol.
  • Amino Acid #2: L-Glutamic
    The ultimate energizing “brain fuel,” Glutamic Acid works as a stimulating neurotrans-mitter. It boosts memory, reduces depression, and sharpens thinking. Glutamic Acid also plays a big role in the metabolism of sugars and fats which fights fatigue and weight gain.
  • Amino Acid #3: L-Glycine
    Because high concentrations

of glycine are found in the skin and connective healthy collagen and fights muscle breakdown that comes with aging. Don’t be surprised when your skin looks younger and your joints stop aching—that’s the glycine doing its magic! As a bonus, Glycine also sharpens brain neurotransmitters which improve your mood and concentration.

  • Amino Acid #4: L-Lysine This multi-talented amino works in several key ways. L-Lysine lowers bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It promotes strong bones by enhancing calcium absorption and it helps form
    collagen—again, your skin and joints will soak it up!
  • Amino Acid #5: L-Arginine Renowned for its blood flow benefits, L-Arginine improves blood pressure and circu-lation. And men, if you need
    more power in the bedroom, L-Arginine is known as “The Natural Viagra®”—it
    actually boosts blood flow to the penis! As if this weren’t enough, this potent
    amino manufactures all-important T-cells which bolster your immune system.


  • Amino Acid #6: L-Citrulline L-Citrulline works as a powerful partner with L-Arginine. While it also promotes healthy veins and circulation, it goes one step further. L-Citrulline increases
    endurance and reduces muscle fatigue because of its amazing ability to break
    down lactic acid (the stuff that makes your muscles “burn” from exercise or
    overuse)… one reason athletes swear by the stuff!
  • Amino Acid #7: L-TyrosineA balancing marvel, L-Tyrosine calms your mind and boosts energy at the same time! It works by sparking the neurotrans-mitters responsible for regulating mood and those needed to fire up your metabolism. L-Tyrosine improves your mental outlook, suppresses your appetite, helps reduce body fat; and even enhances your libido.
  • Amino Acid #8: GABA Calm, peaceful, and relaxed are the three words that best describe the effects of GABA. That’s because this key neurotrans-mitter relieves tension and anxiety, promotes restful sleep, and stimulates your
    brain's release of endorphins, your “feel good” hormones.

So while each amino has excellent benefits on their own, it still circles back to their powerful combined effect. Try it and see why tens of thousands of people swear by Bio-Renew with its potent amino blend.


Beyond Amino-8X:

Highly Protective Longevity Nutrients
You Can’t Live Without…

No matter how healthy your lifestyle, what you eat, or even how much you exercise, you simply cannot avoid the ever increasing levels of toxins all around us. And it’s these toxins and the free radicals they create that attack our cells, organs, and tissues—another way we age whether we like it or not.

But there are a few secret weapons that can protect you like no others. What’s interesting is that they come from nature itself…

The Red Wine Phenomenon…

Never before in modern medicine has a beverage been researched and analyzed like red wine. It started with the “French paradox,” a phenomenon where the French ate fatty foods, heavy breads, and rich sauces, but had amazingly healthy hearts and lived dramatically longer.

Scientists uncovered their secret—it was the red wine they drank with nearly every meal! Red wine contains resveratrol—a powerful polyphenol compound found predominantly in the skin of grapes (though small amounts of resveratrol can be found in other foods like mulberries and peanuts).

Resveratrol contains extraordinary antioxidant properties which neutralize the onslaught of free radicals that wreak havoc on your cells and provide exceptional protection for your heart!

But there’s more to it…

Activates Your “Longevity Gene”!

In a widely publicized report, researchers at Harvard Medical School showed that resveratrol activates a “longevity gene” in yeast that extends life span by 70%! They believe the unique chemical structure of resveratrol is the reason.

Overall, research shows that resveratrol promotes healthy cell production. It’s like infusing your body with healthy cells—your heart, brain, even your skin gets rejuvenated! Plus, the high antioxidant profile of resveratrol helps reduce inflammation that’s been linked to premature aging.

But before you reach for that glass of wine, please understand…

You’d have to drink 90 glasses of red wine to get the same amount
of resveratrol in one glass of Bio-Renew™

Here’s the catch. Red wine contains resveratrol, but the quantity varies depending on where the grapes are grown, the time of harvest, and other factors.

In fact, with today’s modern wine processing and grape harvesting methods, there’s only 1 - 3 mg of resveratrol per liter of red wine, even in the most robust red wines.

Since a glass of wine is approximately 5 ounces, this means you would need to drink 90 glasses of red wine to get the same 20 mg of resveratrol you get in Bio-Renew! And 20 mg is the amount reputable sources like Linus Pauling Institute and University of Maryland Medical Center believe you must take to get the benefits of resveratrol.

Grapes are overflowing with anti-aging power!

The benefits from red grapes don’t stop with resveratrol. In fact, some scientists believe that the seeds of red grapes provide just as many benefits, but in a different way.

They have identified something called OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) in grape seed extract—compounds which are unusually powerful against the process of aging.

Nearly 100 research findings can’t be wrong…

Nearly 100 research presentations, publications, and abstracts have reported the health benefits of grape seed extract focusing on areas related to antioxidant activity, cardiovascular health, gastric health, and anti-inflammatory properties.

I strongly recommend that any red grape supplement you take includes both resveratrol and grape seed extract. It’s more complete and powerful than either on their own. That’s why you get a full 20 mg of resveratrol and 50 mg of grape seed extract in every daily drink of Bio-Renew.


Vitamin D is One of the Best Anti-Aging Medicines in Existence
But 75% of Americans Don’t Get Enough!

It’s true! Three out of four of us are getting short changed on this wonder nutrient. And the risks aren’t worth it! Check this out:

People who have LOW LEVELS of Vitamin D have:
  • Higher risk of dying. Vitamin D has been shown to stave off chronic inflammation linked to virtually every major disease.
  • High blood pressure. A long term study at Johns Hopkins showed people with inadequate vitamin D had 80% greater chance of narrowing of the arteries—a major risk factor for heart disease.
  • Chronic Pain. A study conducted in 2008 showed that 25% of people suffering with chronic pain had low levels of vitamin D. Migraines and headaches were also linked.
  • Osteoporosis. A deficiency of vitamin D makes people more vulnerable to this bone condition because it interferes with calcium absorption
  • Mental decline and depression. People who don’t get enough vitamin D are more susceptible to cognitive decline and low moods.


People who maintain HIGH LEVELS of Vitamin D have:
  • Less inflammation and slower aging. Vitamin D has been shown to stave off chronic inflammation linked to virtually every major disease.
  • Stronger immunity. A recent study at the Yale School of Medicine showed that people with higher vitamin D got sick about half as much. And if they did get sick, they recovered faster.
  • Less cancer. High vitamin D levels are linked to 30% - 50% less chance of breast cancer; and 50% lower chance of colon cancer. Vitamin D regulates some genes responsible for cancer cell
    growth and survival.
  • Better blood sugar control. The pancreas needs sufficient vitamin D in order to make and secrete insulin. That’s why getting enough vitamin D helps blood sugar control. It may also help prevent serious blood sugar complications.
  • Reduced risk of mental decline. Vitamin D has a protective effect on the brain. It enhances the activity of neurons and detoxifies brain cells

Try it Risk FREE!

With Bio-Renew, you’re covered! Every daily dose gives you a full 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D in its most superior D3 form! Combined with its Amino-8X and highly protective longevity nutrients, no other formula gives you these kinds of age-proofing benefits!


Rejuvenate and Strengthen
Your Entire Body
with Anti-Aging Aminos!

  • Promotes deep, restorative REM sleep!
  • Reignites your energy and stamina!
  • Decreases stubborn body fat!
  • Increases lean muscle tone and flexibility!
  • Sharpens your thinking and memory!
  • Improves skin tone and hair color!
  • Protects you from oxidative damage that speeds aging!
  • Revitalizes your immune response!
  • Refreshing, natural orange flavor!

One Bio-Renew serving
per day provides:

  • Amino-8X™ ...................................... 1000 mg
    (L-Lysine, L-Glycine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Arginine, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, L-Citrulline)
  • Resveratrol .......................................... 20 mg
    (From Polygonum cuspidatum radix and rhizome extract)
  • Grape Seed Extract ........................50 mg
    (Standardized to 85% polyphenol’s and 50% OPC’s)
  • Vitamin D3........................................1000 IU
    (As cholecalciferol)
It’s so easy, too! Just stir contents of one Bio-Renew pouch in 8 oz. water in the morning or evening— it works best when taken on an empty stomach; preferably 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal.

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Try it With Absolutely No Risk…
It’s 100% Guaranteed

    While it’s unheard of these days, Bio-Renew has absolutely no time limits on your satisfaction. If for any reason you change your mind at any time—even if your box is empty—we will gladly refund every penny. That’s how confident we are the Bio-Renew works and keeps working. Like the thousands of others who swear by Bio-Renew, we believe that once you try it; you’ll never want to go a day without it!
    Bio-Renew guarantees to:
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    • Revitalize your immune response
    Bio-Renew meets the highest standards for quality, potency, and purity. It is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)—compliant facility as well as both NSF-registered and Sports NSF-registered facilities. Extensive quality testing and safety screening is performed throughout the entire manufacturing process.
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